Southwest Florida Spring Fling
Rules of the Game
002.4 A batter may not advance to first base on a dropped third strike.
002.5 The stealing of a base or advancing on a wild pitch or passed ball is not allowed.
002.6 If the catcher makes an errant throw back to the pitcher, the base runners may not advance.
002.7 The catcher cannot attempted to "pick off" base runners.
002.8 Lead-offs are limited to 12 feet and are usually marked with a chalk line on the field.
A base runner extending the length of the lead-off beyond the allowed limit is subject
to being called out.
002.9 A base runner may begin advancing to the next base only after the pitched ball
crosses home plate.
002.9a With two outs, a three and two count, and force-out situations on the basepaths,
base runners may begin to advance upon the ball leaving the pitcher's hand.
003.0 The Rules of Pitching
003.1 A pitcher may pitch from either the stretch or wind-up position regardless if there
are base runners or not.
003.2 The pitcher can not attempt to "pick off" base runners.
003.3 If a pitcher hits two batters in the same inning, he is removed from the mound but is
allowed to pitch the following inning or in any inning thereafter.
003.4 If a pitcher hits three batters during a game, he is permanently removed from the
mound for that game but is allowed to play other defensive positions.
The Rules of Baserunning-continue