2020 Southwest Florida Spring Fling

1. The locker room will be accessible on Wednesday afternoon of the Spring Fling from 4-6 pm to put uniforms and equipment in your personal locker. The locker room will open by 8:00 am Thursday through Sunday.

2. Breakfast items will be available every morning in the locker room.
(ie. fruit, granola bars, bagels, cream cheese, milk, juice, coffee)

3. Lunch will be provided Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

4. Post-game refreshments will be available and are to be consumed in the locker room. (bottled water, soft drinks, beer)

5. Locker room showers and towels are available.

6. Uniforms will be cleaned and put in your locker each day of the tournament by the locker room attendants.

7. A certified athletic trainer will be on duty.

8. A licensed massage therapist (LMT) will be available daily.

9. Hot and cold hydrotherapy tubs will be available before and after games.

10. Locker room staff members are certified in first aid, CPR, and AED.

Southwest Florida Spring Fling
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