Wooden Bat Cla
Rules of the Game
007.1 Upon completion of the scheduled games within the Cy Young and Red Oldham
divisions, standings/seedings are determined by win-loss records.
007.2 Tiebreaker criteria are used when teams have the same win-loss record.
007.2a In a tie between two or more teams, head to head results (if applicable) are used.
If head to head results do not resolve the ties, then runs allowed is used to
determine the seedings of the teams. If a tie still exists, a coin flip is used to
determine the higher seeded team.
007.3 The highest seeded team for each playoff game is the designated home team.
007.4 The actual format for the playoff games is determined by the number of teams
participating in the tournament. Use the "playoffs" button on the menu bar
008.0 The Bob Wagner Rule
008.1 It is perfectly legitimate for the game to make a fool of a player, but it is not
legitimate for a player to make a fool of the game.
007.0 Playoff and Championship Games
for this year's format.