Wooden Bat Cla
Rules of the Game
004.0 Bunting
004.1 A batter cannot "show bunt" on a pitch and then swing at the same pitch. Doing so
results in the batter being called out.
005.0 The Batting Order
005.1 The batting order must contain all eligible roster players.
005.2 The batting order for each team can be rearranged after game one but once the batting
order is set for game two it is "rubber banded" throughout the tournament including
the playoff games. The term "rubber banded" means, the batter on deck as a game
ends is the leadoff batter for the next game. This rule allows players to have the same
number of plate appearances or be within one plate appearance of their teammates.
004.2 Bunting is allowed at any time, without exceptions.
006.0 Miscellaneous
006.1 Hidden ball tricks are not allowed.
006.2 Faking or "deaking" by a defensive player to make a baserunner alter his course or
slide unnecessarily is not allowed. If in the umpire's judgment this occurs, the
baserunner and all other current baserunners are awarded an extra base.
006.3 Beyond applying the tag to a baserunner, a "no-contact" rule between the offensive and defensive
players is in effect. Oversliding the base or "taking out" a defensive player is not allowed.
006.3a If the baserunner violates the "no-contact" rule, the umpire may eject the
006.4 If the catcher is blocking the plate and does not have control of the ball, the
baserunner may go around the catcher and not touch home plate yet still be
awarded the run if it was to avoid a collision.
baserunner from the game.