Wooden Bat Cla
Rules of the Game
The Game
The basic rules of baseball apply. Modifications to the rules are used in an effort to promote parity
The Length of the Game
1. The length of a game is 7 innings.
2. The game is official after five innings where weather or darkness becomes a factor.
3. If the score is tied after regulation, the 2020 MLB extra-innings rule will be implemented.
4. Mercy Rule: An inning is over when the team batting scores six runs before the 3rd out is made.
on the playing field and consider the wide range of player's ages.
Note: The mercy rule is "per inning". There is no mercy rule that shortens the game.
1. If a batter hits a home run (a ball hit over the wall or fence), his run and any runners on base
score even if it results in more than six runs scoring in the inning.
2. There is no limit to the number of runs either team can score in the final scheduled inning of
The Rules of Baserunning
1. Prior to the start of a game, managers must announce to the opposing team if any known
substitute baserunners will be needed.
a. After reaching base safely, the batter may request a substitute baserunner due to an injury.
2. The last healthy or base running out, runner scored of the inning may be designated as the
substitute base runner. For example, if a batter has reached on a fielders choice, the runner
forced out on the play may become a substitute baserunner.
3. Any player 60 years of age or older, who has safely reached base, may request a substitute
baserunnner. This request is voluntary and does not come from the bench.
4. A batter with physical limitations, who gets a "base hit" to the outfield (umpire's judgement),
cannot be thrown out at first base by an outfielder, nor can an outfielder relay the ball to an
infielder to throw the batter out at first.
play or in extra innings.
no outs. The next batter in the order leads off the inning. The 2020 MLB extra-innings rule
a. The last batter (not necessariy the last out) from the previous inning is placed on 2nd base with
is used until a winner is determined. Games will not end in a tie.