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The Wooden Bat Classic was created by Bob Wagner and his passion for the game of baseball. After many years of attending fantasy camps, adult baseball camps, and playing in leagues and tournaments, Bob began formulating ideas for his own event. In the summer and fall of 1996 Bob established the groundwork for the Wooden Bat Classic by incorporating many ideas of his own and some from his playing experiences . Bob constructed the rules for the WBC and made the exclusive use of wooden bats as his main criteria.

To level the playing field, Bob established certain criteria in the building of a team. Team rosters are composed with a minimum number of players who fit the age requirement criteria used by the WBC. Other rule modifications were adopted to further promote parity, help prevent injuries, and keep the game moving (see rule pages for further details). In late 1996, Bob announced the first annual Wooden Bat Classic was to be held at historic Terry Park in Ft. Myers, FL in January 1997.

Since the WBC's inception, where 4 teams and approximately 50 players were in attendance, the tournament has continued to grow. In January 2001, the 5th annual Wooden Bat Classic grew to 12 teams and the tournament established itself as a permanent winter destination for avid baseball players seeking an alternative to the high-priced and less competitive professional fantasy camps. Unfortunately for Bob this was his last Wooden Bat Classic as later that year he succumbed to esophageal cancer.

In January 2001 while playing in the Wooden Bat Classic, Bob was hit by a pitch in the chest. After this incident, Bob had difficulty swallowing and went to the doctor only to find out he had a tumor on his esophagus. Bob went through chemo and radiation treatments as well as two surgeries but the tumor was too far advanced. Faced with the reality of the situation, Bob handed the reigns of the Wooden Bat Classic to his son, Greg, in early October 2001. Bob passed away on October 17, 2001.

In January 2002, the 6th annual classic was renamed "Bob Wagner's Wooden Bat Classic." Today the tournament is more popular than ever and Bob's legacy continues to thrive each January at the historic Terry Park Complex.